Classy, Intimate Florida Beach Micro-wedding with Oceanfront Views

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Atlantic Beach, Florida

Morgan + Jackson are a sweet couple that I got to connect with through Instagram! Morgan reached out to me about a small, intimate family ceremony that would be happening at our own local Atlantic Beach.  Even though their wedding happened to be in the midst of the COVID pandemic, they didn’t let that stop them from celebrating their coming together as the Browns! Their venue was a family friend’s house that was right off of the beach, with the ceremony being set up in the backyard. This was definitely a wedding where everyone knew everyone and it made it all the more special. You can tell Morgan put a lot of thought into the creation of her color palette and the florals she chose for their day. They were all so carefully chosen and then thoughtfully executed. 

The two of them wrote love letters to each other to read right before their first look. I think this is the most perfect & touching way for a couple to prepare their minds and emotions for their first moments as bride & groom. The letters make it all the more exciting and electrifying for the moment to come. After their touching ceremony, the newlyweds called Jackson’s family via Zoom (they were not able to physically be present because of the COVID restrictions) and it was yet, another beautiful moment that would forever be ingrained in their history as a couple. 

My favorite chunk of the day was the couple’s portraits on the beach. Let me tell you; Morgan + Jackson were truly blessed with the most perfect weather and backdrop for their shoot. It wasn’t windy, humid, or hot. This is the first wedding for me personally that didn’t have any of the three! The sunset behind them was the utmost impeccable canvas as it worked as an ideal backdrop. The blending of the colors, the more & more colors peaking through with each shot; a straight-up masterpiece. You can tell the two of them were truly enjoying themselves as the night was dwindling and the thought of forever was settling in on them. They spent the rest of the night hanging out with their family, eating satisfying food, and having the finest times. I left feeling grateful and blessed, wishing that all my weddings could be as smooth & lovely as the Brown’s was. 

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Makeup: @liacroke

Florals: @awp_events

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