larissa soroka

photography with A heartfelt & editorial feel
 + touch of film for the modern-day lovers

larissa soroka

Your best moments don't have to be big or grandiose.

 It can be swimming in the ocean waves while the sun sets. Chasing your dogs around in a grassy field. Taking that first sip of coffee with friends who feel more like family. Watching the sun rise over the horizon and kiss the earth. Belly laughs with your favorite person. Dancing barefoot in the summer rains. The soft breeze blowing against your skin on a car ride home.

Moments where for a second, everything just stands still. The earth is still spinning, the busyness of life still going, the world still buzzing. But time stands still in that moment. And in that moment, everything is okay. What I care most for are these moments.

Here, you don't have to try. Just be.

larissa soroka is a modern-day photographer capturing your personal story as an heirloom for
generations to come.

These are more than just pictures.

They’re stories that encapsulate one of the most intimate moments of connection.

 A love where the heart speaks quietly, where inspiration is a result from the love that's inside.

From the beautiful shots filled with all the romance & excitement, to the two of you quietly swaying while the sun disappears, taking in your day, I’ll be there document it all.



If you are dreaming of getting eloped on a mountain top or overseas, look no further.

Elopements are so unique and hold a special place in my heart.

The intimacy of an elopement is unmatched.

I specialize in traveling and so I will go above & beyond to make this nothing short of the best experience you will ever have.


From winding coastal highways overlooking the ocean, to the top of a mountain, to rolling fields of gold, or even snuggled up on the couch with your lover & dogs, these are going to be the stories that allow love to be still & most importantly, told.

Couple sessions can be a great opportunity to photograph the season of love you are in. 

In other words, it is a tangible story that is documented by me and will be remembered as the time capsule of your love for generations to come.

love stories

heart-felt real
 full of life stories

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