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High-fashion editorial & film are my two side specialties under the umbrella of photography.

If you ever want a nostalgic or editorial feel to your session or wedding, then you are in the right place. 

Together, we can curate a story that is beautifully unique.

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I am inspired by lines, colors, shapes, and textures when it comes to editorial.

It's a time & place where we can experiment & bring ideas to life.

Not only do I encourage editorial flair in weddings but especially for branding sessions if you are looking to add a unique look into your profession with an editorial approach.

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Film photography is one of the most unique ways a moment in time can be preserved. 

I fell in love with the look & feel of film when I purchased my first 1980's film camera. Since then, I have collected 4 more.

There is such unique depth & richness to a film photo that a digital one cannot replicate.

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I am constantly inspired by art, movies, and books when it comes to getting creative in photography.

Motion blur, light leaks, flash, and grain are all in & trending right now so if you ever want it incorporated into your session, let me know! 

 If there is ever a feeling or an idea you want to portray in your session, I'm your girl!



Not only did I find a photographer who was willing to travel 8+ hours to our wedding, but I found one who matched my style to a T. Photography is the most important part of the wedding & if anyone tells you different they don't like their wedding photos. There's nothing in the world like tangible memories, snippets of our day that we can touch & reminisce on. We received 800 + photos in a timely manner and are so so pleased! I sobbed the first time I looked at them! Like actually full on ugly cried because they were everything we hoped they would be. I struggle with self confidence & anxiety in general and looking at my bridal portraits you would never even know. She captured the best versions of ourselves and we are so grateful! If you want a photog who will put in all the effort, she's your girl! LIKE ACTUALLY FULL ON UGLY CRIED BECAUSE THEY WERE EVERYTHING WE HOPED THEY WOULD BE. 




We literally DIED looking through our wedding gallery! Constantly saying “omg that one is amazing” & “wow that’s my favorite” over and over again. Thank you so much for capturing all of our favorite memories from our wedding day! We seriously love you so much and are so happy you were able to be there with us! Thank you a million times over! Obviously we will rave about you for YEARS to come!🤍😍

Our wedding day was not complete without Larissa Soroka Photo! Her attention to detail, fun-loving personality, professionalism and abundance of talent are just a few of the reasons why we adore Larissa! We will love and cherish our wedding photos forever.

Our wedding day was not complete without Larissa Soroka Photo


I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with Larissa not just once, but twice! The first for senior portraits in her studio in FL and the second in WA. She made me feel so comfortable, especially since it was my first time having portraits taken. It was so laid back, chill, and there were plenty of laughs. I’m so grateful to have booked an engagement session during her stop in WA! Larissa is truly talented! Her beautiful photographs are so bright, crisp and heart warming! 

Her beautiful photographs are so bright, crisp and heart warming! 

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From our first email exchange, I could tell that Larissa was passionate about her photography. Even though she was in FL and we were in NJ, Larissa made it clear that the distance between us was not a problem at all. She worked with us to find the perfect tone for our engagement and wedding pictures. The sneak peeks she sent us of our engagement shoot left us completely amazed...we couldn’t believe it was us! Her easygoing style and positive spirit make it easy to take pictures. Everyone loves the photos we have shown them! I would 100% recommend her to anyone, anywhere. They say you get what you pay for, and Larissa is well worth it! 

They say you get what you pay for, and Larissa is well worth it! 

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