Modern Spring Green Wedding in the Hills of Georgia-Tennesse

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Peaceful. If I had just one word with which to illustrate this magical day, this is the word I would use. 

Andrew + Diana met at SMBS, began dating, and shortly after, got engaged in Italy. Diana is a good friend of mine: we have been on a mission trip together, making April 23, 2023, a day that I will forever hold dear to my heart.

This day was so peaceful, it was apparent that Andrew + Diana had put a considerable amount of thought into their special day. It is typical for couples to be somewhat stressed on their wedding day, however, I did not find this to be the case with Andrew + Diana. Every second of this day was purposeful, and not one small detail was in vain, but rather, everything worked together to create a beautiful harmony of peace and love.

Andrew + Diana had a stunning wedding venue located between the state-line of Georgia and Tennessee. The greenery all around the venue allowed for the white, limestone, brick building to stand out. The gorgeous floral wallpaper in one of the rooms gave the venue a vintage feel to it. The room that Andrew got ready in was dark and rich toned, while the room Diana got ready in was classy with an elegant, European touch to it. Every single room in this venue was unique, yet they all worked together to create a perfect balance of being elegant, while also having a rich, European feel to it. 

Additionally, instead of choosing to follow wedding trends, Andrew + Diana chose to go with a classy, timeless theme, while still including small details that brought out their personalities. Andrew’s suit was unlike any I have seen: simple, but a statement of who he is. Diana’s choice of a pajama set was elegant, and opening the day with a charcuterie board was yet another thoughtful detail. Andrew + Diana had an intimate ceremony and reception, in which every second was perfectly accounted for, and every detail held a deep meaning to this amazing couple.

We had been hoping all day for a perfect golden hour, and our wish came true when the most stunning sunset suddenly broke from behind the clouds. Additionally, this gave Andrew + Diana a moment to escape the reception and spend time together. 

At the end of the night, all the guests surrounded Andrew + Diana to pray and bless this young couple. This was such a meaningful moment, and one I will remember for a long time.


Flowers: @wildseed.floral

Rentals: @glasswingrentals

Charcuterie: @oliveandoakcharcuterie

Linens: The White Table

Venue: @blackberryridgega

Makeup: @baylieholnback

Hair: @made_by_emi

Videographer: @nazar_rez 

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