Cream Chic Boho Elopement in Moab Overlooking the Watercolored Canyons of Dead Horse View Point

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Dead Horse View Point – Moab, Utah

Dead Horse Point may have a grave name, but it is a place that is easily one of the most photographed scenic vistas in the world. When standing at the top of the point, we were towering 2,000 feet above the Colorado River. The formations, the curves of the rocks gave the canyon view jaw-dropping looks. These features took years of geologic activity to create this breathtaking view that serves as its own beautiful metaphor.

“All magnificent and grand takes time.”

Hence, it being located in the beautiful and vast Grand Canyon!

This whole styled shoot was such a wild and free-spirited vibe. In fact, going off of the word wild, this shoot almost didn’t happen! My scheduled couple for this session ended up not being able to make it. Somehow, through different people, I got connected with Brian + Alexa. These two could easily be described as a power couple. Both of them are entrepreneurs, such go-getters. They had defiantly strong personalities with witty humor. The both of them could practically sell you anything and you without a doubt would be pulling out your card eager to buy. They brought the Dead Horse Point to life! Made the whole experience exhilarating. 

The orange rays from the scenery mixed so easily with Alexa’s cream textured dress that had the most alluring puffed sleeves and her hair. The wind was quite rebellious with Alexa’s hair adding to the free-spirited ambiance. The gusts of wind at times would have the petals flying away with the breeze made it feel like we were remixing the “Colors of the Wind” scene from Pocahontas.   

The golden/dusk hour here was quite a golden ticket feel. Every time I’m surrounded by the astonishing midwest I feel this feeling of awe that makes me want to either take pictures every single second or come to a complete standstill and soak it all in. There is no in-between. There was actually a moment during the shoot where I dropped my camera while taking a photo. It took such a cool motion blur shot in mid-air. My camera didn’t fall to the ground but I sure did when I saw how cool my “oops” turned out. 

If I could describe this shoot in one word it would be Magical. The definition of the word is all too magical in itself. “Being beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life.” This was the exact feeling that I had throughout my time here at Dead Horse Point. I was beyond pleased with how the captured moments turned out. 

In the end, Brian + Alexa were truly my lifesavers for this styled shoot. And when further getting to know them, they had also experienced being bailed on. They got married in Hawaii and their photographer only took their ceremony photos and then was nowhere to be found for their reception. No one could come to their rescue. Yet, here they were running to my rescue when the other couple couldn’t make it anymore. Truly some Moab Magic.


CREATIVE DIRECTOR: @larissasorokaphoto

MODEL: @alexahunt

FLORALS: @blumesflorals

MUA + HAIR: @hannabeth_beauty

DRESS: @rent_from_lael

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