Intimate Summer Golden Hour Elopement in Little Sahara Sand Dunes, Utah

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Little Sahara, Utah

If being honest, I think that some of my best photos ever taken to date are from this shoot. The Little Sahara may seem like such a simple background, yet it was an absolutely unbelievable place to be with shots to prove it. The photos I captured only show a smidge of how alluring the Little Sahara was. The scenery here was as if I was in Saudi Arabia, in the middle of the actual Sahara Desert, but within the borders of the United States. Standing there, you could see the sand dunes for miles and miles as if without end. It was a place that had no trouble keeping you captivated.

There was quite some wind during the session but it was so worth it. The wind played amazing against Brittany’s dress. There was a moment of golden hour goodness that was followed by a sunset and then right after was succeeded by a blue hour cast. The photos were incredible, the people were incredible, and the terrain was incredible. Everything was awe-inspiring.

There was a moment during the shoot where I just had to take a step back & take in the beauty around me and admire everything that was going on encompassing me. This was a moment I did not want to forget. I didn’t want to take photos, I just wanted to live in this moment forever. It was surreal and overwhelming. I adore when this happens during this shoot and brings me back to reality: I get to do this as a job.

One word wouldn’t be enough to describe this shoot. It was dreamy, magical, and all your Sahara Desert dreams.


CREATIVE DIRECTOR: @larissasorokaphoto

MODELS: @trey_dye @brittneydyee

FLORALS: @morgansflorals

MUA + HAIR: @merriemakeupartist

DRESS: @meganemilycouture

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  1. Amanda Buhrman says:

    I love these photos! I’ve been researching is the little Sahara sand dunes would be a good spot for my elopement and came across this post. I had a question about the wedding dress….Is the sand rough and would it damage a long train? My dress is my mother’s wedding dress that I’ve had renovated and it has priceless sentimental value so I would hate to ruin the train or lace on the hem. Any advice would be tremendously appreciated!