Hear me out. Your best moments don't have to be big or grandiose. It can be swimming with the ocean waves when the sun sets. Chasing your slobbering dogs around in a field. Taking that first sip of coffee at your local shop with friends. Watching big clouds loom over you while laying in green grass. Laughing so hard, your cheeks are pink & plumped. Admiring your loved one doing something as simple as tying their shoe. Your hair blowing across your face on a long car ride home.

Moments where for a second, everything just stands still. The earth is still spinning, the busyness of life still going, the world buzzing with news. But time stands still in that moment. And in that moment, everything is okay. 

 What I care most about is the simple things. Here, you don't have to try. Just be.

   My Philosophy

the bucket list


travel to every continent


photograph the northern lights


learn how to shoot film


fly in a hot air balloon

Meet the girl

A Florida based wedding & lifestyle photographer traveling year round. I am a best of both worlds kinda girl: both the mountains and the beach call my name.

You will always see me with a coffee in my hand. When I'm not taking photos, I am decorating my 1960's home, chasing sunsets, and last not but not least, always craving hawaiian pizza. Give me a good book & put me somewhere tropical with my husband and I'm in heaven.  

I gave my life to Jesus 4 years ago and have been living through His calling for me as a wife and photographer. There's nothing more dear to my heart than the pursuit of Jesus. I'm telling ya guys, He is all you need. 

I am 2 years married to the most genuine, wise, passion-driven guy who I love with every fiber of my being. We are both self-employed enthusiasts and love to visit cool places around the globe. We love living life to the absolute fullest and are in constant pursuit of chasing our dreams.

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weekend brunch 

ocean swims

coffee with friends