September 4, 2020

Cozy at Home Branding Session


Jacksonville, Florida

This session was quite different than what I usually shoot. As a photographer, I mostly shoot couples & weddings, but I do make a huge exception for branding and lifestyle photos. I love connecting with people who have the same taste as I do, so I genuinely had the greatest time working with Kat Rentas, a Food + Lifestyle Coach. Kat educates and coaches her clients on the importance of healthy eating in the midst of a busy life alongside being the host of her own podcast, “Healthy Eating for Busy Women”. Kat is a highly driven + motivated individual and it truly felt as if we were cut from the same cloth. Throughout the entirety of the shoot, it felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. 

Kat wanted more of a lifestyle shoot and we decided to do the entire session inside my own house! This allowed me to discover new corners + the best lighting in my own home! I know that when people are hiring someone, having a visual of what that person looks like and what they do is crucial in order for them to connect easily. Kat’s vision for this shoot was to have a neutral + cozy feel. She wanted to show more of the inside scoop of her day to day basis. I was thrilled to have been able to help Kat bring her vision to life and incorporate healthy eating into the shoot itself. Hence, the throwing of lemons and cheesy avocado features. 

Kat and I had such a laid back time together. After we had completed the session, Kat had actually gifted me my very own Monstera cutting! If you don’t know me, plants are my love language. I have been able to propagate it and plant it. It was the sweetest end to a wonderful time spent with a such sweet soul. 


Check out Kat Rentas on all her platforms!

Instagram: @KatRentas


Podcast: Healthy Eating for Busy Women


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