August 9, 2020

A Tidal Passion Engagement


Henderson Beach State Park – Destin, Florida

The two beloveds, Haley & Blake, met the summer before junior year of high school. The night they met, Haley said she knew that she would love him from then on. They started dating in November of that year and have remained together ever since. The two would go on to date for almost eight years before Blake proposed to Haley intimately at a winery. Both of them are in the medical field with Haley finishing up her final year of pharmacy school at the University of Tennessee and Blake being an echo tech at a local hospital. When the two are away from studies and work, Haley loves to paint or journal while Blake enjoys fishing + hunting.  Haley had always dreamed of having her engagement shoot at a beach, and we ended up meeting up at Henderson Beach State Park in Destin, Florida, to make that dream a reality!

Throughout the entirety of the shoot, the pair were adorable + giggly with each other. The couple purely had the most fun with each other, easily posing and being easy-going. Without a doubt, you can see how very much in love these two are with each candid shot. You can almost see the silent passion between them. A love that runs deeper than they even know. 

One of Haley’s requests was to end the shoot with them getting into the water, and getting into the water was just what they did! It was such a merry + delightful way of ending the evening. I loved getting to know them and am beyond ecstatic to be shooting their elopement! They decided on a Big Sur California elopement, which is going to be altogether lovely + intimate. It’s not only going to be memorable for them but for me as well. So so excited!



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