July 4, 2020

Mountain Bliss


Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Big Cottonwood Canyon is almost an unreal sight to see. I know I always say this with every new place I get to see, but truly, the earth is full of true art everywhere. This vast beauty is accessed by the Big Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Byway. And let me tell you, it is scenic. Sometimes my life feels unbelievable with my favorite life passion taking me to all sorts of astonishing and incredible sights. When driving to meet up with Cami + Ty, it felt like a scene from a movie where I roll my windows down, have my favorite song playing in the background, and feel like I can almost touch the mountain tops myself. 

Cami + Ty are a charming couple who hold such wonderful chemistry between them. They are quite simple, genuine people. Yet, at the same time, hilarious and beyond witty. The perfect balance I’d say. Cami is actually from my home state of Idaho! She went to a school basically down the street from where I used to live. It’s actually so funny how she now lives in Utah and I in Florida and still fate brought two Idahoians together. 

The wooded canyon was alive with people who were all marveled by the views, but you wouldn’t even be able to tell in the photos! We got to take a few enticing shots with the Silver Lake lurking in the back. But all in all, the painted like trees and the graceful valley was the perfect background for the sweetly captivating pair. 



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