July 4, 2020

Hint of Stars

Whitespace Studio, Utah

I personally love doing studio shoots. I feel like they’re so fun, clean, and modern- such a different twist to bridal photos. Everyone expects to do their bridal portraits on a peak of a mountain or some lush garden, but studio shoots give such a distinctive offbeat wedding look compared to the typical. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am very fond of natural backdrops, but something different never hurts.

Whitespace Studio was the perfect envision of an avant-garde shoot. The definition of avant-garde is “new and unusual or experimental idea.” The perfect word for the perfect shoot. There were a few different colored walls to choose from and for this shoot the turquoise, almost navy blue wall fit exquisitely with the soft golden details of Cassidy’s celestial dress. The rosy pink wall complimented the florals and brought out the color of Cassidy’s skin tone.

This session was full of good laughs and good times thanks to Mihail & Cassidy. Both are freelance models; Mihail doing wedding + lifestyle shoots while Cassidy does more boutique-like modeling. The two of them were quite enjoyable being such jokesters and teases with each other. The entirety of the session was them just poking at each other and waiting to dig into the cake. The cake was so worth waiting for though, Bailey somehow took the Biscoff cookies and made an unbelievable, delicious cake.

This session could be depicted as a “good different” and throughout the shoot, you could see the hints of stars not only in the enticing dress, but between the two.


VENUE: @whitespacestudio

MODELS: @casbryn @m_pauko

FLORALS: @littleladyfloral

CAKE: @cakebybailey

DRESS: @lael_rentals


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