July 2, 2020

Serene Salt Flats

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

The Salt Flats were a place that had you awestruck the moment you stepped into the glimmering wonderland. It was like walking into a massive blank canvas, full of endless opportunities and possibilities. Every photo looked like it was an unbelievable moment being put at a standstill. With the softly hidden peaks in the backdrop and the crystal-like chunks of salt all around us, it was like dreaming with one’s eyes open.

Jackson + Erin are a newly married couple, whose lovey-dovey honeymoon phase was quite evident throughout the session. Jackson was a man who fell head-over-heels for Erin and only after returning from a mission trip did they instantly click and pursue a life together. When Erin brought up doing a styled-shoot together, Jackson’s only question was “Will I get to make out with you?” After her yes, he was fully down and about the shoot.

It was such an astonishing day despite it being windy and raining a few days before. The wind gave the character for the shots and Erin’s florals, full of vibrant reds, soft hues of pinks and creams, and a touch of Jackson’s light blue suit brought the sessions surroundings to life. The sunset was definitely the “wow factor” of the day. After hours full of cloudy weather, the sunset really took us by surprise, not that we were complaining. It really wrapped up the shoot in the most beautiful way. It was as if the Salt Flats were giving us a soft thank you for capturing its true beauty without having to have any other factors involved.

If I could describe this session with a single word, it would be Serene. It was an unforgettable experience that I can’t wait to experience once more again.


This incredible shootout wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful vendors:

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: @larissasorokaphoto

MODELS: @queen_bates27 + @jackson_bates42

FLORALS: @southworthfloral

MAKEUP & HAIR: @sarahannebeautyblend

DRESS: @offwhitebride


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